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The Russian war against Ukraine, the political repressions in Russia and Belarus, and the massive threat to academic freedom have severely restricted research and work opportunities for scholars of Eastern Europe. Research trips to Russia and Belarus are currently not possible.

The MWS is responding to this changed situation by establishing the Max Weber Network Eastern Europe that will bring together the Foundation’s capacities in the region and is designed to expand. The first unit in Tbilisi/Georgia has already started ist work in September 2023. The network will be expanded to include the office established by the GHI Warsaw in Vilnius/Lithuania and will be complemented by the units in Helsinki/Finland and in Ukraine. The office in Helsinki will be established already in 2024. Thanks to the large collections of the Slavonic Library and the Aleksanteri Institut of the University of Helsinki, it will offer excellent conditions for Russian studies outside of Russia. Through publications, events, funding schemes and collaborative work in the international academic environment, the new decentralized structure will provide sustainable research and networking opportunities for historical scholarship on Eastern Europe. MORE

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